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  • Presidential Eligibility and the Natural Right of Citizenship

    • The Executive Branch of Government Must Be Preserved - April 22, 2014

      A response to Alabama's Supreme Court case dismissal on presidential eligibility. This letter was sent to members of the Alabama Legislature, to Governor Robert Bentley and other state officials, and to Alabama's U.S. Congressional members.

    • Presidential Eligibility Cannot be Ignored - Oct 25 thru Nov 5, 2012

      This letter warns that the issue of presidential eligibility is unavoidable- that in addition to present and future presidential qualifications, a correct understanding of the natural right of citizenship is required to resolve issues relating to immigration, dual-citizenship, and the right to vote. It also warns that ignoring the matter cannot legitimize an invalid presidency, nor legislation which may be passed under such a presidency.

      Preceding the 2012 presidential election the letter was sent to numerous state and federal officials around the country: to members of the U.S. Senate; to State Senators and Representatives; to Governors, State Attorney Generals, and Secretaries of State; and to U.S. District Attorneys having public email addresses. It was also faxed to members of the U.S. House several days before Obama was sworn in for a second term.

    • How Could Obama Not Be a U.S. Citizen If His Mother Was an American? - Apr 14, 2011

      Clarifying some important questions about Obama's presidential eligibly, this letter distinguishes a person's current "citizenship status" from "natural born citizenship". It warns that a birth certificate alone cannot confirm presidential eligibility, and that such a confirmation is not even possible unless the meaning of the term natural born citizen is determined.

      The letter was emailed to Republican members of the Arizona House and Senate, (and to the Governor) at the time a bill was being passed which would have required documentation for presidential candidates. This bill was vetoed by Governor Brewer several days later.

    • Request That Presidential Eligibility Be Considered - Dec 27, 2008

      Before Obama began his first presidential term, a short message was emailed to the members of the U.S. Senate urging that the matter of presidential eligibility be addressed.

Law Study
Natural Law, Human Rights, and the United States Constitution.